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Madelene McConomy trained in 1986/87 at the British School of Natural Medicine and School of Iridology and received her Master Iridology Diploma in 1990. She holds a certificate of proficiency in Applied Iridology from the National Iridology Research Association and became a Fellow of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists in 1997.

Her interest is also in Behavioural Iridology to complement her expertise in Traditional Iridology. Besides her practice in Kent she attends Health and Complementary Therapy Exhibitions throughout the country providing taster sessions, short analyses and iris photography.

Private Iridology consultations take about 1 hour, naturopathic treatments and diet changes will be recommended if required. Every client will also receive a photograph of their irides.

Contact Madelene now to book an appointment.

iris constitution what is iridology?

Iridology is the study of the irises to determine information about the body's genetic strengths and weaknesses, levels of inflammation and toxaemia, efficiency of systems and organs and the likely causes of symptoms and illness.

It is able to monitor the movement of health and disease because the iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the brain stem and nervous system, but it cannot predict the form in which it will take.

iris constitution why consult an iridologist?

Iridology gives you the opportunity to understand your individual body which you have inherited, how your body is affected by the world you live in and how to realise it's potential.

It is a painless method of analysis which can be integrated with both orthodox and complimentary treatments. Prevention is better than cure - Iridology identifies root sources of problems which indeed may not be physical: a weakened state in any part of the body is visible in the iris before the person is aware of any signs of disease.

Ultimately you are responsible for your own health.

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