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The following web links are friends, colleagues, and mind, body and spirit event organisers.

Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists (INTERNATIONAL)
The Guild strives to maintain the highest possible professional standards for clinical and naturopathic iridology. Working closely with the leading colleges and professional iridologists in the UK & abroad, the Guild has developed and agreed a common core curriculum to set minimum training standards.
www.gni-international.org »

The British School of Spiritual Knowledge
Promoters of Mind, Body and Spirit events in the East of England. BSSK is also a forum for spiritual discussion and teaching open to everyone with a genuine interest in the pursuit of knowledge, particularly those who have begun a spiritual quest and wish to know more.
www.bssk.co.uk »

Prime Impact
Specialists in targeted consumer exhibitions and media. They provide quality events which are balanced to provide exhibitors with maximum sales and contact opportunities while presenting visitors with a varied and enlightening experience. The events provide a conducive atmosphere where visitors are keen to participate, engage in dialogue and seek answers from the experts.
www.primeimpact.info »

Healthy Pages
Health features, discussion forums, therapist directory, mind, body & spiritual exhibitions, etc. etc.
www.healthypages.co.uk »

No responsibility shall be sought by those receiving poor services or goods from following any of the above links.

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